Altar Servers

As Pope John Paull II said in an address to Altar Servers: “You are much more than simple helpers of the parish priest. Above all, you are servers of Jesus Christ, the eternal High Priest.” St. Pius X Parish has many young children who are eager to assist Father in serving the Lord at our weekend and school Masses. Children may start serving in fourth grade. Training sessions start in October. Kathy Pochini is in charge of training and scheduling.

Please call 734-285-1100.

Art and Environment Committee

These volunteers have the pleasure and responsibility of decorating our church throughout the liturgical year. Meetings are before liturgical seasons, Holy Days and Feast Days. If you have any creative or artistic skills to share (i.e. flower arranging, light sewing etc.) please join us. We would appreciate and welcome your talents.

Call Donna Fernandez at 734-283-8896.

Christian Service Commission

Its goal is to put the social teachings of the church into action. Meetings are every other month September through May. Concern for others and a flexible schedule are the only requirements. The commission coordinates visits to the homebound and nursing homes, outreach projects, funeral luncheons, coffee and doughnuts on Sundays, the St. Vincent DePaul Society, Widows/Widowers, altar care and Right to Life.

Call Chairperson Micki Bovitz for more details at 734-285-1100.

Coffee and Doughnuts

Smell the fresh aroma of coffee most Sundays after the 9:30 and 11:30 am Masses, when parishioners are invited to the Social Hall for coffee and doughnuts. A pair of volunteers is asked to set up, serve and clean up one Sunday per year. Time requirement is about 4 ½ hours, but can be split with another pair of volunteers. No experience is needed, just a great smile.

Contact Gayle Dee to volunteer or to receive more information: 734-782-0185.

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

These volunteers help distribute the most Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist at weekend and Holy Day Masses. Anyone who has been confirmed in the Catholic faith is welcome to serve. A short training period is required.

Liz Ridenour is coordinator and can be reached at 734-283-1794.

Faith Formation Catechist

To be a catechist is to hand on the faith to children. This ministry requires about one hour a week of preparation time and approximately 1 ½ hours a week in a faith formation session on Tuesday evenings. Catechists are encouraged to learn more about the ministry by attending free topic sessions and eventually to become certified by the Archdiocese of Detroit.

Please call The Faith Formation Office at 734-284-6562.

Faith Formation Catechist Aide

Our volunteer aides assist the catechist in the classroom and at Mass. No formal training is required, only a love for children and the desire to share the faith so please call 734-284-6562.

Food Pantry

St. Pius X Parish collects non-perishable items of food for those in need and donates these items to the Downriver Community Food Pantry. The Parish Office has more information at 734-285-1100.

Funeral Luncheons

A committee of cooks, and helpers provide a funeral luncheon for any parishioner who experiences the death of a loved one. Please call the Parish Office at 734-285-1100 to request a luncheon, volunteer to help out, or to make a donation.

Homebound Communion Calls

First Friday of the month-Volunteers bring Holy Communion to those unable to come to Mass regularly. They also share in prayer and bring the parish bulletin and other printed materials. Calls begin at 10:00 am and usually are completed by noon.

Please call Lou at the Parish Office for more information: 734-285-1100.

Saturday mornings and the third Friday of the month-people from our parish bring greetings, prayers and the Eucharist to residents at Southgate Manor nursing facility in Southgate. Requirements: a generous, caring heart and 2 ½ hours of time.

Call Gayle Dee at 734-782-0185.

Lay Leaders of Prayer

This important ministry has become increasingly vital. These volunteers most often lead prayers at funeral homes the evening before a funeral takes place. In the absence of a priest, prayer leaders preside at Communion Services and at Liturgies of the Word together with the distribution of Holy Communion from the reserved Eucharist in the tabernacle.

If you’re interested, please contact the Pastor at 734-285-1100.


Trained volunteers proclaim God’s word with understanding and authority to the whole congregation at weekend liturgies. The only skills required are to be able to read well, to have a special love for God’s Word, and to be a person of faith and prayer. Lectors are scheduled at least once a month. They also attend a training session and receive a Lectors Workbook for preparation.

Please call Liz Ridenour at 734-283-1794.

Parish Pastoral Council

As the primary advisory board to the Pastor, the parish council is an umbrella over the entire field of parish operations, including the commissions of Worship, Christian Service, Education and Stewardship.  Meetings are the fourth Monday of the month at 7:00 pm; no meetings in December, June, July or August.  Members serve two-year terms.  Anyone fully initiated into the Catholic Church and who is an active parishioner is eligible for nomination. 

Call the Parish Office for more information at 734-285-1100.


The sacristy is the room wherein all of the prep work for various liturgies is done. Our sacristans set up for weekend as well as weekday Masses, and assist with funerals and weddings. They maintain adequate supplies of hosts, wine and candles, and it is the sacristan who secures the church facility when all is complete.

Anyone interested in this ministry should speak directly to the Pastor through the Parish Office at 734-285-1100.


This group serves our pastor and the parish in a variety of ways in a position of honor, trust and responsibility. Ushers are assigned a Mass of their choice and are placed on a team that greets and assists parishioners, takes up collections, deals with emergencies and distributes the bulletin. Meetings are held quarterly at the parish.

Please call 734-285-1100.

Worship Commission

Members strive to create a rich liturgical life in our parish. They plan and coordinate seasonal and special liturgical celebrations and study church documents on liturgical renewal.  They also prepare, direct and continue the formation of all Liturgical Ministers:  Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, Lectors, Altar Servers, Ushers, the Choir and Cantors, Sacristans, as well as the Lay Leaders of Prayer, the ecumenical Awareness Committee, and the Art and Environment Committee. Meetings are the third Monday of the month at 7:00 PM.   Some understanding of liturgical renewal as well as periodic workshops for ongoing formation is required. 

Call the Parish Office at 734-285-1100.